The year was 1930. Clavano Printers was just a humble letterpress and photoengraving shop. The small business had so much promise, but the ravages of World War II forced the enterprise to close down. Unfazed by setbacks, owner and founder, Atty. Jose B. Clavano, together with his wife, Enriqueta V. Clavano, dared to revive and re-establish the business in June 1948. With this revival, more sophisticated printing machinery and equipment were introduced. A new hope was sparked and a new vigor inspired the Clavanos to resurrect their old dreams and move forward.



In a relatively short time, Clavano Printers was able to rise anew. It consistently attracted loyal clientele from Cebu and other neighboring provinces. Year after year, the exponential increase in the volume of job orders was phenomenal. Finally, in 1964, the single proprietorship business became a corporation (Jose Clavano Incorporated). Through all this growth and change, Clavano Printers remained steadfast in its goal to keep providing premier printing services for clients from Cebu and beyond.



Our Vision. Clavano Printers aims to maintain its long-standing tradition of excellence and uphold its reputation as the most reliable printing business in Cebu. As times change, we will continue to expand our range of services and upgrade our equipment and facilities in order to keep serving our clients with the utmost quality and efficiency. 

Our Mission. Clavano Printers is committed to providing excellent and cost-effective printing services to clients from Cebu, as well as from other cities and provinces around the country. With decades of expertise and experience in the printing industry, we can cater to a wide variety of clients and printing needs.

Our Values. Hard work, excellence, and genuine customer service. Simple values, strong results.